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Occasional Advisor

Increase User Macro Limit from 10?

Hello, I didn't find an answer when I searched Atlas, nor could I see any obvious setting on the admin side of our commmunity for macros.


Is there a way to increase the macro limit for community users?


One of my super users created their 10th macro, which apparently is the limit and we're wondering if there's a way to get more.


If there's a setting I'm missing or if it's not possible, please let me know. Thanks!



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Khoros Guru

Hi @Kim_E 

You can modify the amount of macros a user can use in Admin. Under Users -> Profile Defaults there's a setting called "Maximum number of macros."


Ken Squires-Kavanagh
Community Strategist
Portland, Oregon
Occasional Advisor

There it is! Thanks Ken!