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Insert Image Test

Testing insert image240_F_91618179_eR79OdR87jR9fp9S3aaiJGz4aGqkkwuE.jpg

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It worked! 😄

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Successfully Added.. Smiley LOL

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So, we are going back and forth with our friends on the Lithium Case Portal about an issue regarding adding an image where the add image "preview" area is cut off outside the frame.  We are pretty sure this is a bug, but the Case Portal person asked if I was able to reproduce "here." I assumed he meant on the Lithium Community.  But, a smiley face is always welcome so Have a GREAT COMMUNITY DAY!  You are all awesome!

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Is it still working?

Looks like pasting image content into the rich editor stopped working 😞 I can't get it to work here on Khoros Atlas or our own community on 20.8.

When pasting I can see the following placeholder code being inserted:

<div id="tinyMceEditor_50ddd94d5e31faClaudius_0" class="mceNonEditable lia-copypaste-placeholder">&nbsp;</div>

But there is no upload occuring or visual feedback of the placeholder actually being positioned in the editor.

Anyone still has it working?

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OK WEIRD. I first saw that it wasn't working but was inserting the code as you mentioned. but when I closed the HTML viewer my lovely GIF did indeed appear. But yes, it's definitely still problematic


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There's a recent response from Khoros on this topic too - see here: 

Is it possible to adjust the image size? Will it be the same as in the original file?

Hi @AidenJeffries ,


If you double click the image you should be able to change the size by dragging the corners. Alternatively, if you click Expand Toolbar > HTML the dimensions of the image could be controlled there as well.





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