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Khoros Content Security Policy - Share in External iframe

I have Khoros on one subdomain and a separate tool on a different subdomain which shares content in an iframe. I am unable to do so with my community content due to Khoros security policy. How can I edit any of the following to allow this?

  • x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN
  • Content Security Policy
  • Response Headers


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You will need to go through Support to get that done.


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I'm trying to do the same thing and looking for the same answer.   Thinking the Activecast Security Domain settings could be it, I tried to add the outside domain and got the following error which I don't understand:



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This would be great to get resolved! I have a similar issue where we need to show blog content in iframes in a separate subdomain. 


  • Turn OFF X-Frame Options
  • Add Content Security Policy to the Response Headers. 
    • content-security-policy: frame-src ‘self’ *.domain; frame-ancestors ‘self’ *.domain
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Hi Guys,

Did you get a solution for the above issue?

I face with same

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You will need to submit a support ticket with Khoros and have them implement it. 

They need to update your response header settings to include content security policy and include all relevant domains. You can also include an asterisk in your domain to cover any current or future subdomains. *


Change from x-frame-options: SAMEORIGIN

Change to x-frame-options: ALLOW-FROM


Inspect your page in Chrome, switch to the Network Tab, refresh your page, select the active URL from the list  and check the settings they have set. 



Hi @jschultz1234 ,

If the method you described successfully solved the issue, would you mind marking it as an accepted solution?



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