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LSI Quick Timeout

LSI is logging out due to inactivity after one to two minutes recently.  Is this something new?  Is anyone else experience a quick timeout?

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Not here. Sorry.  Mine is staying connected.  We're on Revision: 19.7 (19.7-release r1909271340)

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We're on 19.6. All this week I've been having issues such as:

- Early timeout

- Clicking on the LSI link and being redirected to the homepage

- "Unexpected errors" shown on various dashboard pages


Only this morning was I finally able to get one of the dashboards to load! I did log a support ticket but I have not heard back yet.


Lili McDonald
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We're on 19.7 and I've also experienced the quick timeout or just going to the homepage. 


I've also noticed that the average minutes online calculation under Members is incorrect.