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Measure 'Repeat Visitors'

Hi everyone! 

A new Community KPI I'm considering tracking this year is 'Repeat Visitors.' 

It's easy to pull traffic and unique visitors through LSI, but I am wondering if you know of a way to get at the number of repeat visitors to your Community, either through LSI or Lithium Response/LSMM? 

Many thanks. 

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Hi @AlanA ,

You can refer to BulkAPI documentation as another way to pull the Visitor data.

With multiple export reference, you can customize your reports also and create Multiple reports as per business requirements.

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Hi @AlanA 

As far as I know you can’t track return visitors with the standard LSI/Admin Stats.

Also, do you want to track return visitors that are logged in (a) or just in general all visitors that return (b)? 

In case a. What I did: I created some cohorts in a spreadsheet. I exported users in admin filtered by register and active date and can than see if users are still active in month 1/2/x after they registered. I’m currently working on automating this. We also want to use this data to reactivate not active user groups via custom E-Mails.

For case b. you could use Google Analytics as an additional Tool and work with the target groups. Here you have the ability to track new and returning visitors. 

Best Jan 

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Thank you both. We're looking into these options. 

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