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Monitoring first posts


I am trying to figure out how we can keep tabs on posts that are a user's first post. This is based on a great suggestion from Richard Millington's blog about monitoring the response time on first posts and keeping it to 18 hrs or less (the blog post is here:

I can't find anything in Community Analytics that will help with this. I also made a test badge rule that lists out everyone who has made at least one post - but it doesn't tell me WHEN that happened, so it's not useful for this use case.

Presumably getting a list of posts posted within a specified timeframe that are people's first post can be done via API, but my coding skills are very rusty. Curious if anyone has solved this problem already or has ideas (or code :-)) for me!



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This is so exciting to see.  We would love to keep closer tabs on first posts and celebrate them more.

@RahulHa any general timeline of when we might see the rework of analytics released?

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Hi @mhock New Community Manager Dashboards are currently in development and we are shooting for a Beta in early H2. 


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