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Hello everyone, 

I am having some difficulties understanding some of Lithium metrics, especially one : 

Can someone please explain to me how it works ?
Best regards, 
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Hi there, number of first replies refers to the total number of first comments on overall topics during the timeframe which you've selected. 

So, if you had 10 topics, and only 4 have received a reply (so 6 topics have none) then 4 would be the total first replies. 

However, if you had 10 topics, and only 1 topic has received a response, even if that one topic has 5 total replies, your total first replies is still 1. 

Hope that helps? It's a bit confusing - also make sure you're paying attention your timeframe - if a first reply is posted to a topic that is super old, it will be included and your average minutes to first reply will be skewed. 

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