Pagination in REST-API using LiQL query

I have REST-API for LiQL query where I'm fetching information from the USER table. unfortunately every time I'm getting only 25 results.
I tried with parameter 'page = 1' and 'page_size = 100' but still it is giving the same result.


can someone help me for below rest API:******/search?api.pretty_print=true&client-id=******&q=SELECT id,email,sso_id FROM users&page=1&page_size=100


how can I fetch results more than a default 25?


Thanks in Advance. 

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@hpanmand - In V2 call, you have to use the Limit parameter instead of page_size.******/search?api.pretty_print=true&client-id=******&q=SELECT id,email,sso_id FROM users LIMIT 100


Let me know if this helps.



Thanks Payal,
but it is not working with LIMIT more than 100,000.

Its giving error as 

"status": "Gateway timeout",
"message": "",
"statusCode": 504

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@hpanmand - Max limit is 1000. To increase the limit more than 1000, you need to raise the ticket to Lithium Support .




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In release 17.9 Lithium added a configuration which sets the maximum value allowed for LIMIT in LiQL queries to 1000. This is to help performance and protect against malicious attacks. I strongly recommend you to keep the limit 1000. 
Instead, you can use the below method to get all the data

<#assign count = rest( "2.0", "/search?q=" + "SELECT count(*) FROM users"?url).data.count />
<#if count&lt;1000>
  <#assign n = 0 />
  <#assign n = (count/1000)?ceiling />
<#list 0..n-1 as offsetValue>
<#assign users = rest( "2.0", "/search?q=" + "SELECT id,email,sso_id from users limit 1000 offset ${offsetValue*1000}"?url).data.items />

<#list users as user> 
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Thanks Vikas your suggestion is appreciated.

One question!
I was using*****/search?api.pretty_print=true&client-id=****&q=SELECT id,email,sso_id FROM users offset 500

but still, it was giving me only 25 records.

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You need to use 'limit' not offset.*****/search?api.pretty_print=true&client-id=****&q=SELECT id,email,sso_id FROM users limit 500
Offset is required when you want to get the next 500 results, then query will be like this*****/search?api.pretty_print=true&client-id=****&q=SELECT id,email,sso_id FROM users limit 500 offset 500

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I realized after replying.


Thanks for your great response.



I tried with your solution but its giving duplicate records as we proceed ahead by increasing offset value.

@Payal Is there no another way by which we can retrieve all the records of LiQL Query using REST-API ?

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It seems your offset value is not correct.  Can you please share the code so I can figure out the issue. 

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