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Pagination in custom page


  I want to add pagination to a custom page. The Custom Component is as below. Let me know how to go about it. Currently it lists all the messages on the same page.



/*Css style added here */

<#assign x= rest("2.0","/search?q=" + "SELECT * FROM messages WHERE = 'MobileTalkBlogs' ORDER BY post_time DESC"?url) />
<#list as message>
<div class="adn MessageView lia-message-view-blog-message lia-message-view-display lia-row-standard-read lia-thread-topic lia-message-authored-by-you">
<div class="frst_ic">
<img src=${asset.get("/html/assets/av_ic_fm.png")}>
<div class="li_o ">
<h2><a href="${message.view_href}">${message.subject}</a></h2>
<span>by <font class="hl_txt">Admin</font>
<a href="${}" class="black_font">${}</a>

<#if message.search_snippet??>

<#if message.conversation.view_href??>
<a href="${message.conversation.view_href}" class="lm">Learn More</a>


<div class="dt">
<#if message.conversation.last_post_time_friendly??>




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  I am yet to figure out where to add the pagination in my code. I am  new to this so maybe it sounds a bit wierd. Can you check the code and let me know where to add the pagination

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