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Partial Regisration Bulk Upload?

Hi all,

I've tried searching keep coming up unable to find the TKB article around bulk uploading user emails for partial registration, which then allows the user to complete the registration with their own information. 

I'm sure I'm just forgetting the actual terminology for it, which is leading my search astray. Does anyone happen to recall what it's actually called or have the URL handy? There's 3 options in one TKB I believe, full reg, partial reg and something else? LOL. I hate when I can't remembers things. 


@LarryI @JonathanW   if you're around, guessing you guys know exactly what I'm thinking of.

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Heya Kerri, here ya go > Import users using a CSV file

Valued Contributor

USER UPLOAD!! I couldn't for the life of me remember the terminology. 

A decade later and you're still the best support guy I could ever ask for. 😉 "Hey Ty, can you help my switch my device...again?" LOL

Thank you and hope you're well!!