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Permission Question

Our Community is set up with the following structure:

  • Category Product Support
    • Category: Public Products
      • Category: Product 1
      • Category: Product 2
    • Category: Product Admin
      • Category Product 3
      • Category Product 4
      • Category Product 5


Anyone that navigates to our Community should see Category: Public Products.  

We also have some Community members that will access to one or more of the categories within Category: Product Admin (Product 3, 4, and 5), but not all of them.

Right now, I have found that I can do one of the following: 

  • First Method
    • Members that have access to Product Admin categories can see Product Admin but can also see a list of all categories under Product Admin (Product 3, 4, and 5) but will show 0 posts for the categories in which they do not have access.
    • Community members that do not have access to see any of the categories under Product Admin will not see this category listed under the category titled Product Support.
  • Second Method
    • All Community Members can see both Category: Public Products and Category: Product Admin under Category: Product Support.  If you do not have a role for that provides access to one of the Product Admin categories, you'll see Product Admin but will see 0 posts.   
    • If you have a role that should have access to Product Admin, you'll see Product Admin and only the Categories within Product Admin that you have permission to view (PRoduct 3, 4, or 5) in the Product Admin

My Goal:

  • Users that do not have access to any of the categories under Product Admin do not see the category PRoduct Admin in the category menu.
  • Users that do have access to one or more of the categories within Product Admin will see Product Admin and only the categories to which they have access. 

Has anyone figured out how to do this?  I'm happy to answer questions to help understand my goal or current setup.

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Hi @jamiemccardle :


1. Public Products catgeory since it is global you can set the all default permissions and will be access to every one.


2. Product Admin Category in default permission make See categories and See Discussions style permission to Default Deny at th community level and create a separate role under the same Product admin category and make the above permission as Grant . So the users will that role will able to see Product Admin category and all other products under this category


3.Users who want particular sub Category under the main category follow the same permission as above and if they want to access to sub categories we need to add both roles to the users.


Let me know if you need any more information.

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Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra

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Thank you for your reply.  Our goal is for members with access to Categoryies Product 3, Product 4, or Product 5, will only see the categories in which they have access under Category: Product Admin.

If I'm not mistaken, I think your suggestion would allow members with access to one of the Product categories under Product Admin to see all of the categories under Product Admin even if they don't have access to those categories.  

To help understand the why, we have forty+ product categories under Product Admin.  That becomes too many in a menu and we get complaints that they only want to see what they have access to.


On the flip side, if we set it up so they only see the categories in which they have access in Product Admin, then the public users see Product Admin but see 0 posts and want to know why they can't see this.


With 300,000+ users, it becomes difficult.

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