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Permissions required for moving a post INTO a board?


We have some folks who have "Move post" permissions within a group hub; they may need to move discussion posts from the group hub into one of our forums.

However, they don't seem to have permission to move posts INTO the other forums. They have permission to post in those forums, just like a normal user - but is there something else needed in order to move a post into a forum?



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It sounds like they also need to have this granted in order to move into any location. This means they can move a post to anywhere in your community as long as it's not a restricted area they don't normally have access to e.g. Community Moderator.

Do you already have the Move posts set to grant for those users who are seeing this issue?


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@elbranscomb I only have Move Posts set to grant WITHIN the group hub for these group hub moderators, not globally. I don't really want them to be able to move posts other than from the group hub into the technical forums. 

Seems like my use case for moving just from one location out may not be supported, which is ok - I can just ask the group hub moderators to ask users to re-post their questions in the technical forums as needed.

Appreciate the response, @elbranscomb

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