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Post Success Page components



Does anyone know what components should be visible on the "Post Success Page"? Currently our page looks like this and content is blank for users after posting when the "Show confirmation pages for posts" has been checked in admin - discussion styles - posts and topics.

post successpage.png

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Isn’t there a revert button next to the save button there that will put it back to day 1 configuration?  Or does it put it back to the last saved config?  Or am I crazy?  (On mobile on a plane else I would go check). 

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@HelgaMarieAuran What version of community are you on, and can you also send a list of Feature versions you have selected in Studio > Features. 

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OOB quilt comes with empty main-content row.

But you can use below these two components to show some information.

<add to="main-content">
   <component id=""/>
   <component id=""/>


Or you can use custom component to show some information text in place to show users.

like "Thank you for posting" you can also add link to previous board. or to topic page of the post.



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