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Rank Names

Hey Everyone! We are launching a new community with Lithium and need some help with rank names. Our community name is Leadworthy.  Leadworthy is an initiative designed for high school students with a goal of building up a global community of remarkable leaders. 


The LeadWorthy online community will feature videos, articles, blog posts, discussion boards and inspiration quotes that are relevant, well researched, and thought provoking. The online content will be centered around three main areas of focus: Leadership, Relationships, and Future Direction. We will also feature profiles of remarkable leaders from both outside and within the community.


We are trying to come up with rank names and would love some suggestions if something comes to mind. 


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Some Guidelines for ranking

1.Your ranks should be progressive in nature.

2.user should quickly progress in beginning 

3.Initially keep 8-10 levels of Ranks

4.Motivate User to get higher ranks by giving reward points

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