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Hey Everyone! We are launching a new community with Lithium and need some help with rank names. Our community name is Leadworthy.  Leadworthy is an initiative designed for high school students with a goal of building up a global community of remarkable leaders. 


The LeadWorthy online community will feature videos, articles, blog posts, discussion boards and inspiration quotes that are relevant, well researched, and thought provoking. The online content will be centered around three main areas of focus: Leadership, Relationships, and Future Direction. We will also feature profiles of remarkable leaders from both outside and within the community.


We are trying to come up with rank names and would love some suggestions if something comes to mind. 


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Maybe qualities of great leaders?


  • Vision
  • Passion
  • Empathy
  • Motivating
  • Creativity
  • etc...

Hey @gjacobus


I like ranks best when they can tie to the brand of the company or community. For example one of the best examples I've seen is Spiceworks where their different community ranks area different levels of spices based on the scoville scale. It's hard to do that though with most communities,  for our community we went with the standard stuff like: 


Established Contributor

Principal Contributor

Stellar Contributor

Community Advisor

Honored Advisor

Community Sage


@BrianOblinger, I like your thinking but with the values I can see it hard defining which is better as their all key components of being a great leader! 


One thought I had is you could have every rank have "leader" in it eg: 


Visionary Leader

Honored Leader

Respected Leader

Established Leader

Aspiring Leader





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You'll want to be careful about choosing rank titles that have real world equivalents. If someone who is a seasoned leader shows up and their rank is "Aspiring Leader", they're going to be confused or offended. This is the reason that abstract rankings are often used.

@BrianOblinger That is really helpful and something I haven't thought of. What ranks do you use in your community?



@BrianOblinger Congrats! Stellar user ranks Smiley Happy



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I love Alteryx's rank names 🙂


Ours are academic and have been there since our forum launch/. We've debated about a refresh/rebrand in the past but either never had the time or found an alternative that resonated better.

Still, it's something I think we could be a little more creative about and we keep it on our wishlist.





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Thanks for all the suggestions!


Here is what we decided on.



     New Member






     Path Finder







These are great rank names gjacobus! 

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