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Realtime Data from the Community

Hello everyone,


In order to increase our community engagement, we want to provide community notifications into our product.

To do so, we need to get the data of community activities (answers, kudos, ...) in realtime to push it directlly to our users.

Is there some kind of way to get this realtime data ?

Because currently we are using the Bulk Data API but we only get the data we need 24h later, which is not ideal.


Thank you very much for your help,


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Honored Contributor

Community API (the non Bulk Data variant) is almost instant, but it doesn't come with a "push" functionality to notify you about new events. So you would have to create that yourself by regularly querying for new messages or kudos. This in turn would eat into your billable application calls budget, so you need to strike a balance between realtime and reasonable.

An alternative could be using Message List Syndication to show latest posting activity.

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Hi @paul_parrot and welcome on Atlas. Nice profile picture by the way 😉

I'm also talking to @Claudius here : depending on the integration you want to build in your app, did you check our Community SDK (iOS/Android) also ? It comes with push notifications capabilities :