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Is there a way to report on top contributors - publishing knowledge base articles per week, per month etc via LSI and not using API?


I've inherited a method to pull this report but I'm having doubts that I'm pulling an accurate report.  Any feedback/how to is appreciated!

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There is but it will only report on new articles published, editing an existing article does not appear to have a metric in LSI.


Go to LSI > Content > tKB and filter by Members. This will show you to the top contributors to your tKB, as with all LSI reports it can be scheduled.




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If your super users are part of a program that grants them a rank, then don't forget that you can also filter LSI reports to just show contributions by members with a certain rank: Apply filters to LSI reports

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Thanks for the information!  This would work in a different implementation - we actually have the articles reviewed by moderators and moderators ends up publishing after confirming content.  This way of reporting picks the moderators and not the actual authors of the article as contributors.  

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Every community has different dynamics, but allowing content providers to see their name listed as Author is an important dynamic I would hate to lose. TKB's in particular provide fairly granular permissions. You can assign the Author permission to multiple users, although still a small set, but reserve the Publish decision to one person or a very limited set. That way, you still have the ability to confirm that articles match any requirements you have before they are made visible to the community.

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As @RobbL says you can grant different levels of access for publishing. On top of having granted access to create/edit but not publish we also have articles that are restricted, which means a smaller sub-set of users can edit/publish them. Combining these two access levels with permissions at the tKB node level you can be fairly flexible.

The thing that is missing for me is reporting. I have logged an idea here

But essentially, there should be reporting on edits, nominations and approvals.

@DanK - I completely agree with you on reporting on edits, approvals and nomination.  I've visited your idea and added my two cents.  Thanks for confirming there really isn't an easy way to get the data through LSI on edits and reporting on multi-level approval process.  Really appreciate it!

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