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Seeing a member's company name

Hi everyone,

Is it possible to hover over a community member's name and have it show their company name? We have it enabled the Organization field in Personal Information is updated - it would be great for Admins and Mods to have the ability to see it without having to scroll through each person's profile.

Thank you,


Community Manager - Seismic Software
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This is not something comes up with OOB feature.

But Yes, its possible to show company name of the users on hover profile. This will need little customization to show this information there. If you have your dev team who is working on your community can help out on this, or we can also help you around on this. PM me if need further support on this.


Do you know we work with Kudos and Accepted Solution.
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Thank you @Parshant - too bad this is not OOTB

Community Manager - Seismic Software