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Social Platforms

Currently on Lithium Response, I am able to monitor and engage directly in the tool with our customers on Facebook, Twitter, and our community forum board. Do you know of other platforms that are compatible with Lithium Response to monitor and engage directly in LR? (ideas would be instagram, reddit, linkedin, WhatsApp, slack, etc.) If so, how do you integrate these new platforms into your current settings? 

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There is a list of the possible integrations here

Some are one way and/or have other limitations. For example YouTube only gets comments for 30 days after a video is published.

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Does anyone know if there are plans to integrate with Reddit?  We are currently in a bit of a reddit monitoring emergency and I am trying to determine if care/response are a solution in the future. 

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Reddit did a thing with Spinklr in 2017 but that kinda petered out and I haven't heard anything since, in fact the announcement of the partnership is not even on their respective sites anymore.

I have setup monitoring for mentions of my brand in Khoros Care though via an RSS feed. All searches on Reddit are able to be read as RSS so its easy enough to integrate;<search terms go here>&sort=new