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Sorting messages with a specific label

In the Forum Filter by Label Page, it displays all messages in a given forum with a specific label.
However, it's not clear what order the messages are being sorted by...nor is it clear how to sort these messages by some sort of useful order (by latest activity, etc).
Is there some component I can add to this page quilt to influence the order on this page, or add something to the URL to do it?

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hi @phoneboy,

I our case, it takes the default filter of the forum (Most recent), and the posts are indeed sorted by the latest activity on them:




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That does make sense.
We're using a custom component to display our list of messages generally, so I'm not sure what I have the various forums set to as far as sorting options go. 

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If you take a look at Khoros Atlas, they've implemented filtering in a way where you can decide how to sort posts filtered for a particular label:



So I guess it's an individual thing how you set filtering in your Community 😉

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It may be that I need to add a component to that page so that option shows up.

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