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Suggestion for Internal Notes

Hello, this is my first post, I hope I am putting this in the correct area. I have wanted this since we first started working with Lithium now Khoros. Who do I need to contact to have the Internal Notes section in Khoros to stay pinned to the bottom? OR have it pinned to the bottom and also a scrolling option so that when the conversation is extended and you have to scroll pretty far to the top, it scrolls with you so that you can see the previous agents notes. Without having to search through the entire conversation or previous conversations to find the notes. If this can be a new addition, I will be eternally grateful 🙂

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Hello and welcome @AnaB 
This may be a new feature idea and you may post it here This way other community members can vote up your idea.

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Hi Ana,

From what you describe it sounds like you are actually referring to functionality Khoros Care / Response. In this case your idea submission should go here:

This sounds like a great usability improvement to ensure agents don't mix up conversations and customers.

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Hi! Thank you, I tried following the link you posted and it states I do not have access to that area. I will try again at a later time, maybe I need more badges.
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@AnaB sounds like you need to have the customer role/profile so you can get to those areas. If you have a CSM, you can ask them.

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