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Swag ideas for advocates

Hi all, 

I'm looking to get some swag for our advocates. What's some of the best, well-received swag you've given to your advocates? In the past we've given away backpacks (well-received and we didn't have to worry about sizing!), sweatshirts, t-shirts, moscow mule mugs and notebooks amongst other things. I'm looking for something that doesn't require a size and is in the $40-$100 range. 

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions! 

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It would be good to have the swag be relevant to the main audience of your Community. I manage an e-commerce community, so gifts like branded wrapping paper, weighing scales etc. go over extremely well. We've also sent portable battery packs, they were received well. 

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We do a ton of swag, some more silly than others. I don't really have the bandwidth to deal with sizing, so we don't do shirts/jackets.


  • Snuggies - these have been a huge hit!
  • Mini-fridges
  • USB adapter things w/ Lightning, USB-C, & some other connection type that I forget
  • SOCKS!
  • Nice Nike hats
  • Nice umbrellas - there's this kind that really won't turn upside down in the wind. I forget the brand
  • Skateboards
  • Good-brand water bottles
  • Good-brand coffee thermos

(all branded of course)

Sometimes I bundle together a few separate lower-value items into a "care package"

Hope this is helpful!


Some other things we have done, swag-wise:

- custom chia pet in the shape of our logo

- custom mini Legos in the shape of our logo

- fidget cubes 

- simple cloth drawstring bags to act as gift wrap