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Text editor V2 and empty posts and private messages

Hi All.

We implemented the new text editor v2 a few weeks ago, June 4th. Since then we are seeing some PM's are send with blank content. We see this with posts as well.

The thing is, it happens sporadically and we have no clue what may be causing this. It's a bit inconsistent in that sense. Khoros support says it may have to do with emoji's or sending from mobile but so far we were not able to replicate.

We see these posts/private message come in to SMM as blank and when we look on the community, same thing.

Not sure if this has to do with a combination of mobile and standard keyboard emoji's or some situation where a user edits their message.

Long story short. Has anyone implemented text editor V2 and seeing the same or similar issues?



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I've seen no reports of such in our community.  FWIW - Kim

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