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Unable to create message (occasions) with past time in start_time

I am trying to create / edit a occasion with new times. New times can be past one. 

here is the example request:

fetch("/api/2.0/messages/<message-id>", { 
 method: "PUT",
 headers: { 

  body: JSON.stringify({ 
        subject:" test updating message",

          occasion_data: {

 }).then(r => r.json()).then(console.log).catch(console.log)

Same applied for post request while creating. 

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Khoros Guru

Hi @vamshi9666. Are you getting any specific error with your request? @SohilM is creating a new occasion (event) with a start time that has already passed supported? @JavidH @RyanPi do either of you have any insight here?

Khoros Staff

@vamshi9666 We currently do not support creating events with a past start time. Can you please let us know your use case here? 

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