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Utilizing API for Total Member Kudos and Posts

Hello All!

Can anyone suggest a method for trying to get a record of all Kudos events and Post events that are recorded in the Community through Lithium API?

It seems currently the only way to do there isn't a bulk data load for all Kudos or all Posts.  And the suggested method is  through executing calls to Kudos collection for each individual user. However, for a Community with thousands of users this isn't the most efficient way to obtain these records. 

Has anyone experienced a similar issue and found a creative/efficient solution for obtaining this data?

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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Honored Contributor

Hi @dreilly


Can I clarify the ask here?


Do you want to know the count of all Kudos and post events?


Do you want something similar to a notification feed across the whole community for ever single like and post?