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What are the difference between get satisfaction, Lithium and eservice?

I am wondering what strength and weakness get satisfaction has that differences there solution from some other FAQ solution?

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We used GetSatisfaction (GS) for about a month for a short while in parallel to Lithium even:
The strong Q&A focus of GS appealed a lot to me, all reporting tooles are aimed to address that. But as soon as users started to use the interface for discussions it got out of hands. Both because of the UI layout as well as the ability to structure your community there. It seems to scale fairly well for small startup communities but you hit certain barriers quite fast (inability to create custom ranks, new feedback types like polls, custom ideation or tagging...).
I still envy GetSatisfaction communities for the simple and easy to integrate Feedback widget that you can add to any site. It's definitely possible with Lithium's REST API as well, but not a stock component.

Lithium's Tribal Knowledgebase beats GS as a FAQ solution for sure with the ability to define processes and roles if you don't or can't allow to have the community create all your FAQ content on their own. But even then the Lithium tools feel more polished to me.

Can't say anything about eservice.
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Tanks for your answer... It should say uservoice and not eservoice. were planin to use it as an FAQ and connect it to sales force how does lithium Handel a tierd part?