how to get Spam Quarantine notification messages in stage environment?

Hi Team,

I want to test the Spam Quarantine page alignment and notifications in the stage environment. And what are the steps to see the Spam notification messages in the page "Spam Quarantine"?

Thanks in advance..




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Hi Payal,

spam.PNGI think it won't work for me. Here, I need how to load the Spam Quarantine notifications messages on "Spam Quarantine" page?  

Please see the below screen shot and this is from my stage environment.

Unable to load the  Spam messages.




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@sateesh999 - Can you please confirm if the Spam quarantine results quilt contains these components? And most importantly, there should be at least one message "marked as spam" in the community.



You can mark the message as spam from the options menu.


Hi Payal,

Thanks for your help.

Spam message are loading now on "spam quarantine" page



@Payal - this is great.  Thank you for helping out.

@sateesh999 - PayPal's solution worked!  Can you mark the answer as an Accepted Solution, please?

@Payal ,

For testing and to view my spam notifications on the page -Spam quarantine.

I gone through "view profile page" i.e,  "/t5/user/viewprofilepage/user-id/".

And in that page there is a option --> My profile-->MODERATOR CONTROLS--> Mark All Content As Spam.




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