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suggestion: list PMs threaded by subject



Is this the right place to post a suggestion about the features of the softare? If not, maybe someone could PM me and put me right.


My suggestion is to have an option to arrange the inbox & outbox together, threaded by subject, with posts within a subject in reverse (forward) date order, and subkects listed in reverse (forward) date order of the last message with that subject.


It would make it a lot easier to follow a converstaion of more than a couple of messages to have the "in"s and "out"s interleaved.



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Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi River,


You should check out the Ideas tab to post suggestions, view idea statuses, add comments or vote on existing ideas.  I believe, there is a similar idea posted there already. 


See:, where you can weigh in.



- Izabela

product manager, loyalty & activation
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Hi there. Thanks for your note. If you are a customer of Lithium, then we have an idea exchange where you can post these ideas. It is here

Paul Gilliham
Lithosphere CM / Director, Digital/Community Strategy


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