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A list of threads with new customer replies


We have moderators working in shifts and I would like to find a good routine for following up threads where they where not the first moderator to reply.

I the Moderation manager in Admin, i have found that adding ' &openresponse=true ' to the URL gives me a list of unanswered topics on a specific board.

Ex: https://[YOURCOMMUNITY]/t5/bizapps/page/tab/community%3Amoderation?filter=location%2CdateRangeType&r...

 Now, I would like to add a filter for New replies.  And, aHUGE bonus would be an additional filter that excludes the moderator's replies.

Or, is there another solution to help moderators keep track of replies in threads they have not been involved in from the beginning?

Thanks in advance!


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