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AMA best practices?

Hello community!

I swear I have seen a "Community AMA Best Practices" document somewhere - has anyone come across such a thing? (I've found some kind-of-old threads here on the Khoros community, but nothing too official-looking).

If such a document doesn't exist, here are my questions:

  • Discussion style recommendations
    • Single thread, questions asked as replies to that thread. Experts reply & use the "quote" feature to make it clear what they're replying to?
    • Entire separate board for the AMA?
    • Multiple threads within an existing board, prefixed w/ "AMA" or something similar?
  • Timing recommendations
    • Allow users to ask questions ahead of time, but only ask the experts to reply during a specific hour or two?
    • Other ideas here?
  • I'd love some links to example AMAs! The few I found here on the Khoros community seem to be dead links
  • Anything else / other recommendations?


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Thanks, @srujanayeruvaka !

Unfortunately the Virgin Mobile event seems to just redirect to the Virgin Mobile Community home page now.

But thank you for the other link! In that thread, I particularly appreciate the note about "There might also be topics that are not allowed, make sure to state this open and honestly prior to the AMA so there are no surprises for your audience."

Any other best practices / guidance / examples would still be appreciated!


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Possibly relevant, Reddit have these rules for their AMA's for users, this link is to a cached version fyi, real link here, but requires a login.

Reddit do a lot of these,



Cancer Council Online Community

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Our team just relaunched our AMA series on our Community - We've honestly tried a little bit of everything, from doing a "Everyone ask questions this week, and next week we do a video reply" to more traditional AMA style real-time, as well as just doing an open session as we have right now where anyone can ask questions all week.

(This admittedly doesn't look pretty if opened on mobile right now)

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We host weekly AMA style chats on the eBay Community. There is a dedicated board. We open a thread for 60 mins. Users can ask questions for 60 minutes. Staff reply throughout the 60 minutes and continue to answer questions after 60 mins, if any remain unanswered. 

We recently started to post a synopsis at the end which we accept as a solution which floats it to the top. That results in users not having to read all replies.

Let me know if you have any questions. 


Amazing, thank you @StanGromer @and @AlanA !!

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Thanks for the insight. How many participants do you generally get for an AMA, not posts but participants?

We have done similar events (on our private Community) and have a difficult time driving participation.