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Academic Interest in Chatbots.

Hi All!
I've done a short questionnaire for anyone who works in the chatbot development industry (14 yes/no questions taking *less than 3 mins* to complete) on gender in the role of chatbot persona development.
I've managed to get 180/500 responses, so I would be grateful if you could take the time out to complete it.
I am also looking for people who want to take part in a semi-structured interview - please get in touch either as a developer or as someone who works with clients asking for chatbots for their company. 


With many thanks in advance!
- Please delete the post if it violates any community rules!
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Khoros Staff

Hi @JazzGill you might want to post this in the Care Discussions section as well as I think there are more folks using chatbots in that area.

Please ask questions!

Thank you so much for the suggestion! I will try asking there!