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Best practice for banning a spammer

We have a spammer that is only sending PMs.  I noticed that when I ban him, it doesn't restrict PMs.  Is there a setting that I'm overlooking or would the best practice be to ban and also set up a user permission role that restricts sending PMs?

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Hi @lana_lee,

The setting 'Use the private messenger' can be set to Deny by default and granted once the user ranks up to a certain rank in the community. This is generally set to grant as some communities send a PM to newly registered users with a standard welcome message and/or information about how to use the community. 

Another setting maybe worth trying is 'Post private messages without verification'. Set this to Deny by default and grant only once the user has ranked up.

Please refer to this article - to ensure the correct process is being followed to ban a user in the community.



@srujanayeruvaka gives good advice here.   I handle it slightly differently but similarly.  I set "Use Private Messenger" to YES in the default permissions. I have a RANK called "New Member" that is given to everyone that logs in. Formula: (logins >0)  That rank grants the role of "Newbie" where I set "Use Private Messenger" to NO and some other restrictions I want first time users not to have.  

All the rest of my ranks remove the Newbie role and people go on to earn permissions as they participate.   The advantage of leaving the YES permission in the default and only setting it in the Newbie rank is so I don't have to set it to YES in all the other roles we have (and we have a lot) and I can set other restrictions as well that get removed as they rank up.   Not a biggie if you want to set it to NO in the default permissions though.  Just a different way of doing it. 

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Thanks @kgroneman  and @srujanayeruvaka !

Yes, I  thought about turning off the PM feature for new users until a certain amount of time/activity passes, but we have a somewhat complex finance product that members often PM their private details to other trusted members for help.

Similarly, sometimes our support staff requires their personal tenant ID to have a quick look into their account to see if their question warrants more involved help, so that also requires that info to be sent via PM.