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Best practice for moderation board?

We're trying to work out how to manage posts that get picked up by our content filter and arrive on our moderation board.

As far as we understand, these posts are copies of the original posts that remain on the public board - is this correct?

Once we've taken action on the original post, how do we 'close' the one on the moderation board? Should we move it to the archive board?

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Trusted Contributor

Hi @NicolaC 

As you mentioned they are only copies so you can just delete them after you took action (or not) to the original post. 



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Thanks Jan

Honored Contributor

For abuse reports our process is for the moderator to reply to the message, which helps to understand who actioned each report and what action was taken.

Filter notifications we treat as more of an FYI for CMs so they are left alone.

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We have decided to add comments to these reports and accept them as solutions so they move into the answered tab.

This way we'll have a history of our filter notifications and the actions taken.

Thanks everyone 🙂