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Best practice for user reporting

Just wondering how other communities make use of the user report?

We're currently using it to keep a running record of our users as they sign up but I imagined it has more potential in terms of tracking user journeys and engagement?

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I assume you're talking about ADMIN > METRICS > USER REPORTS.

  1. I set the registration start date to yesterday (or the last time I ran this report) and the end to today and hit search.  Then I run all the gmail, yahoo, etc accounts through the StopForumSpam site to see if I can catch spammers before they spam, or at least soon after they spam.   This only works because our community is for enterprise users so normal users don't have those email domains. 
  2. Since the ability to see email addresses on profile pages comes with way to many other permissions we don't want company employees to have, I give them permission in the Employee Role  to Access Community Analytics so they can find email addresses if needed.
  3. I can easily determine which user data (columns) I want to see in any report I run, for example number of posts per time period by people with a specific role.I find it quick to do searches and add/remove columns to see just what I want.

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