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Best way to mass edit labels in Idea Exchange forum

We are looking to revamp our set of predefined Labels for our Idea Exchange to better match up with our new technical categorization. There are about 2500 ideas with the existing Labels, and I'm looking for a way to be able to switch the Labels on all these posts to the new ones in the least painful way possible.  The old and new Labels don't map one-to-one unfortunately

I think a best-case scenario would be to mass-remove ALL of the labels from the Idea Exchange ideas and start fresh, since we are undergoing a deep triaging process of the ideas anyway.  However, it is painful to manually remove and add Labels to each idea through the "Edit Idea" interface, rather than directly on the idea itself, as you can with Tags.  


I tested deleting one of the Labels from the Idea Exchange in Community Admin, but it does not appear to have deleted it from any of the posts.


Anyone have any suggestions for the best way to accomplish this?

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Have you considered using the API to add labels to the ideas? Check out the topic here: Using API to add labels to ideas


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