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Board Layout



SO, I am trying to change the page layout of my boards. Instead of 2 column, I want three.  I go to Studio > Page, Forum Page and three column wide middle. However, when I go to the actual page-- it's pretty smushed. Is this because it is still in Stage? So far I chose the 3 column (also made a new custom_3_column layout but same result), and then simply moved the existing components on the forum page, through the “pages” tab.. any help would be awesome! 

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Hmm thanks.. I've looked through those. my main concern is how to not get the left side so squished. Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 3.47.00 PM.png



You also need to add some styling to skin for make these components and layout works better with your layout.

Some of the components may not fit with layout columns, so you also need to modify CSS for them.


Do you know we work with Kudos and Accepted Solution.