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Bulk API vs Community Analaytics/LSI?

Hey all - Is anyone utilizing the bulk data API, and how do the numbers line up compared to Community Analytics/LSI?  We're trying to get this built out internally, but are finding large discrepancies in the numbers.  LSI more often than not is providing higher numbers, but not always. Some weeks are much worse than other weeks, but we're seeing a 20% gap as we pull different weeks.

I would imagine/everything I see in the documentation is that these should align extremely close, but we're clearly missing something.


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Hi Stan,

There is another thread that may be helpful to you: Where is the best place to find accurate completed registrations numbers? 

In particular, the post here states that:

LSI is also the source for Bulk Data API data.

These discrepancies still do not make sense to me either. 🤔


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Please recheck your queries used for computing the above metrics. Make sure the timeline and Bulk API data is successfully download without any error. 

Description of fields available in Bulk API


You find sample example queries to compute a few metrics from Bulk API


Pageviews and all other metrics(except Visits and Unique Visitor) in Community Analytics should match Bulk API data. 

 To compute Visits and Unique Visitor Community Analytics leverages HLL, due to this approximation algorithm you may see -4% to 4% variation in Visits and Unique Visitor metrics.

Thanks @SudhakaraS - We've had a ticket open for awhile now that they said looks to be a bug, so hoping we'll hear back soon on it. The gaps we are seeing are 20%+ at times, so I don't think it's due to the normal variations expected.