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Can you host live video chat and Q&A in a Lithium community?

For example, if you wanted to launch a new product via a live video from the CEO/product team, could you stream it live within the community, and have Q&A happening below?

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Hello carriestew,


There isn't a specific module that is built into the system that allows you to stream live video, however you could create a custom component with HTML embed code from a streaming platform such as your company. There is a Q&A feature (similar to what you're using right now), however it does not dynamically update with new questions, so there would need to be some kind of custom Javascript to automatically refresh the page as needed.


If you are attempting to design something like this and you'd like to get help, you may be interested in posting in our Dev Network forum here - this should prove to be a useful tool in connecting directly with members of our development team and others to find out what solutions others have come up with.


Hope that helps you out!



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hey Carrie. Great question. When I used to manage the Motorola mobile dev community we would use a combo of Google+ Hangouts on AIR or Cinchcast and Blyve (full disclosure I'm a consultant for them now). Hangouts on AIR is a free yet great user experience to stream a video conversation and using Blyve's moderation and curation tools it is the perfect combo. You can embed a Blyve event into your blog or any other part of your website. Ping me for details and if you are interested in a demo. 

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Hi, any update on live chat functionality since the 2013 posts? Does Lithium offer a group chat functionality, or is it something developers can customize?