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Community team structure

Hello! As I plan for 2020 (eek) I'm wondering what have you found the best structure is for your team. I already checked out some great blog posts on the Community but would like to hear about your personal experience as well as how much time your moderators typically spend on the community, any other tasks/projects they have, if they are in charge of pulling and managing data for their specific boards, etc. Any best practices would be greatly appreciated! Thank you 🙂 

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Hello @Finney0225,

Planning is always good.  We launched our Khoros community about 2 years ago and I have only 2 people (including me) so I can't give you much advice on structure.

I will tell you that on small teams you wear many hats.  I know I shouldn't be manager and SME and moderator (sometimes).  Reality is I am.   

If you are building a team, be certain to set the expectation that the employees will have 'fluid' job responsibilities. Unless you have found the tree that grows money, you likely will start small.  If you did find the tree, PLEASE send me a seed. 🙂

Finally, we are a product support focused community that is growing our member engagement but ALL of our adjunct moderators (about eight ) have product knowledge.  They are more like SMEs doing moderation.

We ticket all their time so I can tell you that on average it takes about 15 minutes to answer one post.  These are technical post and our software is large.

Hope this helps!


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Very helpful! Thank you, Melissa. I haven't found the tree, but if I do, you certainly have a few seeds with your name on them 😉 

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We also have a 2-year-old community and a team of 2. We enlist a few members of our support team to help moderate - but that is no more than a couple hours per week per person, and it is an effort that has started just in the past 6 months. Before that, my colleague and I were the only moderators, and non-SMEs at that. I actually think that was beneficial to community growth as our members are amazing about answering each other’s queries. 

We have also enlisted members of our product marketing team and product teams to help out, but this is fairly sporadic. It took a while for product marketing to see the value of posting announcements on the community, but now they do.

On official team structure - I am the community manager / leader and we have a wonderful community engagement manager who runs contests, our content calendar, our superuser program, and does many other things (community support cases, reporting, sending out swag, etc). I had hoped to hire a community administrator this year for more technical tasks and perhaps even some front-end-dev, but alas the money tree didn’t grow quite enough for that.

Hope this is helpful! I do wish we had more people officially enlisted, and I’m not saying that our staffing model is ideal... but it’s a real-world point of reference for you at least!


Note: we are a public-facing B2B community. Moderation needs will be very different in a B2C community. 

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The majority of my Community Management experience was as a team of one for the community I was running. Yes I was part of a team but the others were typically on their own community or my manager while also working on other projects. 

My current role has been the most enjoyable as we have been able to not only expand the team but also have a rockstar group working together quite nicely. Aside from myself as Community Manager (Support) we also have a Community Engagement Manager, a part time moderator and another Community Manager (Marketing). We also have a team for Knowledge Base but since customers access the content through a seperate portal while the content is housed on Khoros I won't count them for this. 

Leading us all is a highly experienced manager who has been a rockstar in terms of driving the team and gaining executive buy in.