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Computer Vision/Image Processing frameworks

I'm curious to know if there are any image processing/computer vision frameworks out there that allow you to create a filter pipeline by dynamically creating chains of filters/filter blocks (similar to simulink blocks in MATLAB).

The idea is mostly inspired by RoboRealm, but I'd like to implement this mostly in C/C++ with the ability to graphically build image processing pipelines. I'm familiar with one such framework, Camunits, which I shall use as a foundation to build this graphical filter framework, but please do let me know if you are aware of any.

CamUnits integrates well with LCM (Lightweight Communications and Marshalling) which handles most of the marshalling and networking needs that I'd like to avoid for now.

Furthermore, CamUnits also integrates well with the logging framework within LCM, and has a bunch of tools for image acquisition (firewire cameras, automatic gain/exposure correction, fast de-bayering etc). In short, I'd like to have the functionality to build a graphical interface that lets you dynamically create image processing pipelines (threaded if-needed), which would in turn help in rapid prototyping of image processing/computer vision algorithms.

I'm also curious to know if there'd be any interest in this type of framework (modular, and quickly/highly reconfigurable).

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