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Content Analysis - Export List of Content into CSV?


I'd like to do a analysis of the content in our Community to understand our gaps so we can plan what content needs to be created. 

We have around 10k bits of content today and I'd rather not go board by board listing them, is there a report that can output the content into a list, title should be sufficient?


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Khoros Staff LarryI
Khoros Staff

Re: Content Analysis - Export List of Content into CSV?

Hi @sarajaynerow 

You could use the Export Search Results via CSV report to get that type of content into a report.

Here are the instructions on how to enable that: Export community search results to a CSV file 

You'll need to submit a support case to enable it and you should be able to run a blank search to get a list of content to export.  This report will include the post content along with numerous other fields.

Larry Imgrund
Sr. Community Strategist