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Data on # of bookmarks created?

Hi ya'll!

I'm thinking of hiding the "Bookmark" feature, since it's not that visible / easy-to-use. But I want to see if any of our community members are using it, first.

Is there any data available on the number of Bookmarks created in the community, and who has made them? 

I looked in the old-school admin console metrics, and also Community Analytics, but didn't find anything.


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Re: Data on # of bookmarks created?

I could be completely off, but I believe bookmarks are just a type of subscription, so we should be able to find a way to pull back the results in the browser, but it's a bit beyond my expertise of how we would format the call - Here's a similar thread:

I know you've seen it before, but I imagine we can modify something like this call which pulls back subscriptions to pull back bookmarks in the same fashion - Unfortunately in Singapore atm and my devs are all sleeping else I would bother them, as I want this too 🤣