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Dataiku Community Launch - Phase 1

It seems like a great day to be sharing new stuff and successes, so thought I'd chime in with ours. 

We've just launched our first public phase of our community after a fantastic (and thorough) internal testing phase. We're still considering this our 'soft launch' period before a bigger push next month, but after having the chance to share it with our organization on stage at 2020 Kickoff, I figure it's okay to share here too 🙂 

Thanks to our Khoros implementation team for your assistance - @DennisL @LarryI and all the others who pitched in.

And of course, thanks to our team as well - our fearless leader @JulieHamel , our master web wizard  @Claudius , as well as our Community team - @MichaelGrayson and @LisaBardet for all your hard work and patience. 

Would love to hear if others have ideas or feedback, we intend to iterate and innovate moving forward and look forward to starting our journey. 

Feel free to poke around:

Screen Shot 2020-01-16 at 6.04.43 PM.png

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Looks nice and clean.  Thanks for sharing.   Just a "for what it's worth" Since "Join / Discussions / Knowledge" are underlined, my brain automatically assumed they were hyperlinked and I tried clicking on them before I realized they weren't.  Congratulations!

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Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! That one also came up in our testing and I believe is on the fix list - definitely a little misleading. 

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Looks so good! Congrats!!


Congrats on the launch, sounds like you got a dream team there 🙂 


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