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Deploying Lithium

I am new to the Social Media Monitoring space and would like to know;


1)  The Steps required to deploy an enterprise version ( multi user) of  Lithium


2) If Lithium is sold through a Channel


3) The base cost for deploying Lithium and monthly recurrent fees.



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Lithium Alumni (Retired) Lithium Alumni (Retired)
Lithium Alumni (Retired)

Re: Deploying Lithium

Hi MkM!


I am incharge of our social monitoring tool and I would be more than happy to get you set up with your own trial!


Please feel free to give me a call and we can get you all set up!




Michael Cooper
Social Engagement Solutions

Lithium Technologies, Inc
6121 Hollis Street, Suite 4
Emeryville, CA 94608
P: 510.318.6610
C: 415.236.COOP (2667)
T: @TheMCooper

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