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Occasional Contributor skibbawackle
Occasional Contributor

Difficulty logging in to Lithosphere

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I can't login using my username, or reset using my email address. Lithosphere doesn't recognise either username, password or email address. However, I can successfully login using Facebook. 

Is this issue because my account is now linked to Facebook? 



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Retired Community Manager JulieH
Retired Community Manager

Hi skibbawackle,   Did you originally register your accou...

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Hi skibbawackle,


Did you originally register your account using Facebook Connect? If so,  the community won't have any password information stored for your account and you will need to login using your Facebook credentials.


If you wish to disconnect from your Facebook account, you can do so via My Settings - Social Connect - Facebook Connect and clicking  "Disconnect from Your Facebook Account".  You should be prompted to pick a password for the community.


Don't hesitate to send me a private message if you need additional assistance with your account!




Julie Hamel - Global Community Manager

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