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Occasional Contributor

Displaying restricted articles in search for logged out users

Hi All, 

Some of our communities content requires a login and role to access.

I am wondering if it is possible to display content that needs a specific role to access in the search results of users who do not have that role.  

Currently users that are logged out or do not have the correct role, are unable to see the content in the search at all. 

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Trusted Contributor

I am wondering, what the use case is, behind that scenario. Restricting the access to content is mostly done to prevent others seeing it. And that includes search results. The community managers I work with would be pretty upset if restricted content would be seen in search results.


Hi @JuergenM , 

We have found that users often search for content first before logging in. When they do not find content in the search results, they will not try again. 

While this would not apply to all content, one thought was for some content to appear in the search, with minimal info. Showing users the content is on site. Selecting it would then prompt them to login. 

Occasional Contributor

Confirmed with Khoros Support that it is not possible to display previews or titles of content users do not have access to.