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Feedback on new "Node Message List (Preview)" component

I'm testing out the "Node Message List (Preview)" (Component ID: nodes.widget.activity) that's available with 19.9.

I have some feedback!

(1) It'd be nice if the component didn't include the title by default - e.g. "Board Activity" / "Group Hub Activity". This is just a waste of space because (a) it's obvious what it is, (b) this module - at least when used on an individual board - will typically come right below the title of a board, and (c) it brings Khoros terminology to the front in a way it doesn't need to - who really cares if this is a "Board" or a "Category".



(2) It'd be nice if displaying "Start a topic" (or start a blog post / TKB article) was a configuration option vs always showing up. On our boards, at least, this button is already there, and on our categories, we don't necessarily want people to start a topic without first diving into their board of choice.



(3) There's a lot of empty space in the module, due to the content preview not flowing underneath the "kudos" / "comments" section. Also, there is even more weird empty space when there isn't much content to preview, because the metadata (e.g. the board name / date of posting) seems to wrap with the size of the content preview.



(4) When displayed on a forum page, there's no need to display the board name within the metadata. That is obvious since it's on a single board (I know the release notes say "This component works best on the Category Page, Group Hub page, or Community Page." ...but why!? Seems like a super-useful module for a forum page, if just a bit of thought was put into some minor tweaks)



In sum... this module doesn't really seem ready for prime-time (except perhaps within its Group Hub main use case?), but it has a lot of potential and I hope it's given some more love.