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Follow up with customers on value analytics comments?


We currently use the Community Experience Survey on our communities and I was curious if anyone has had much success following up with customers who leave a negative comment?

The majority of survey takers are not signed in so we do get a username to contact so I have been trying to think of ways to allow them to include an email for follow up.

Has anyone here tried something similar?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

There is an optional 8th question as part of the Community Experience Survey (See Step 10 in the article Enable and customize the Community Experience survey) that allows you to gather additional feedback. Through customizing the question text string you could change the copy to ask for voluntary sharing of contact information for a follow up. I'd strongly suggest though to review from a legal perspective if gathering personal identifiable information like that from anonymous visitors. Particularly how this is covered (or not) by your community's terms of service.

More broadly I'd suggest to review carefully what you are trying to achieve by a personalized review of negative survey responses: Are you opening an alternative route to white glove support? Is the goal to turn around negative customer experiences? Does this approach scale?

What we've seen Khoros customers doing is regular - e.g. quarterly - reviews of survey responses to identify top trends and themes as proxy the customers that didn't even respond to the survey. Then coming up and executing a plan to address the top 3 or top 5 of those generalized themes. Rinse and repeat...

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Thanks, you've given me plenty to think about.


Ok, that is clear now. Thank you for your answer. 

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