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Getting email bounce backs for community notifications

Hello everyone,,

So, we have an email address for the community, it's not anyones work email. 

We are getting a handful of emails that bounce back due to what I've figured out is people no longer working at their job (I run a B2B community) where SSO is required and uses a work email. 

While assuming is not ideal, my hunch is most people who've left their job will have very low interest in coming back to the community - or may not even be able to given we use SSO. 

Anyway, I was looking for ideas on how to handle those users. 


  • Assume their profile and unsubscribe them from the things they are getting emails about
  • Move them to a new group where perhaps notifications are turned off
    • They may return with a new company and could perhaps retain any status they had before they left
  • Delete their account



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Honored Contributor

I'd just ignore them, TBH. Make sure your reply-to email address from community notifications is an un-monitored email address (e.g. and then just let those bounce emails fly!