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Global Community using automated translations

Hi Everyone.

I am starting to look more into the usage of on-line translations within Communities.

You see automated translations for example in Google maps Reviews, Tripadvisor, Zoover and perhaps an example that is more know, on Facebook where you can either choose to translate a post or it is automatically translated for you.

Has anyone implemented this technology in their communities so that any customer, regardless of their language, can read posts but can also post in their prefered language and viewed by others in the language of their preferences.

I am curious to learn about the pro's and cons of this. I can imagine that from a reporting perspective or perhaps more from an insights perspective this may post some challenges. Maybe also from a moderation perspective or users being able to help eachother, although with a good translation back and forth, I can imagine you can even help more people.

Love to hear your thoughts on this!



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Machine translation is interesting for companies that don't have a need for or the resources to build fully-native communities. The translated content is better now that neural nets are involved, but still not acceptable to most native speakers. In countries like Japan, machine translated content is a non-starter.

There's also the fact that the most popular browsers already offer built-in machine translations and you can't leverage the machine-translated content for SEO purposes today. IMO it is a hard sell from an experience standpoint unless it is your only available option.

I do think that someday as the tech matures it could be a tremendous solution that will likely become standard across the web on all content, but we're not there yet.


Totally agree on your POV Brian.

I agree that for many language in-community translation is not where it should be. I think it's fine for languages like French and German, at least I have had good experience with it.


Our use case basically is that we had to close a few community languages in the last year which increased the number of visitors from non-English speaking countries. Our Communites have always been global in nature, the English community the most and now that we see more and more customers posting in different languages and experts trying to answer using translation tools we're wondering what a structural process or solution we could offer here.

Real time translation is currently being piloted in our Whatsapp support and it works quite well, where agents translate a swedish message to English, than type a reply in English, translate it back to Swedish and then post to the customer.

We wonder if a flow like that would work for a community experience. It might work in the advantage of a customer where today we sometimes have to refer customers elsewhere simply because nobody is able to answer in their language.


Great sharing! Appreciate it!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!
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This is something we have looked at a few times but never got past initial discovery phase and launched a project due to a wide range of internal decisions/factors.

Australia is quite monolingual but we do have a significant migrant population so quite a few residents have English as a second language or are non-English speakers that may not be getting the full benefits of our community.

Lithium, quite a few years ago, directed us to this

I am sure it wont be long before we are back in discovery to investigate this so please share where you land and, assuming you go ahead with something, how it goes.